Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leather In Progress

In addition to me working on stockings, FH and I are working on some leather ornaments together.  He doesn't like working with some of the coloring products, so generally that's where I step in.  However I've help with some of the carving on these pieces.

The candy canes are done except for signing the backs and sealing them.
 These snowmen need another coat of white, their details painted, and signed/sealed.
 The trees need their garlands painted and signed/sealed.
Here are the carved sections for two new stockings in progress.  I should add that FH isn't helping with these.  He just doesn't have time.

The letters on this one got a little wonky, but overall I'm pleased with it.
 Still need to finish the carving on this one.  There will probably be another small motif at the bottom, with the name in the middle.
Hopefully next time I'll have some more finished things to show off.

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Kathi said...

Great looking ornaments! They will last FOREVER too. I love the special carving you are doing.. I've never tried this. You are really good at it! :D