Monday, December 12, 2011

Thread Crochet Wreaths

I've finished most of two thirds of the thread crochet wreaths.  Only a half dozen more to go.
I've already given one as part of the gift exchange at the Guild's Holiday Tea Party.  In fact, the one I gave is the ornament pictured above.  Here are the rest:

Mine, fastened onto the tree via safety pin.  Much harder for Artie to remove it from the tree that way.
 Seven completed ornaments, ready to be wrapped.
 The final two from this dozen with the last few inches of red ribbon.  I need to go buy more this week.
 Some of them have wonky centers as the stiffening agent was working faster than FH and I could pin and block them.  FH said they look more like real wreaths that way.  I tend to agree with him, but the perfectionist in me is irritated.  Ah well.  :-)

1 comment:

Kathi said...

Your little wreaths are so pretty!
So delicate. Beautiful work! :D