Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stitching in Two Scales

Yesterday I went to my semi-local and well loved needlework shop to get some Hardanger fabric in 22-count.  I also came home with some fibers.  As you read this I've started stitching a panda bear themed height chart.  I will take pictures when it's done.

Hopefully pictures of Rose Cuttings and a mini piece I stitched on Friday (for me just because) will tide you over until Monday.

Here's Rose Cuttings.  I was able to get a few stitches in whilst visiting with the proprietor of my LNS.
 This will be a 1/12 scale bell pull once I decide how I want to finish it.  The first picture is how much I got done Thursday night while waiting for FH to decide he'd surfed the 'net long enough.
 This picture is the completed design as of Friday evening.
The design is from From Our Dollhouse...To Yours by Jeanne Bowers and Janet Martin.  Sadly the book is out of print but a Guild member gave me a stack of needlework for miniature books a few months ago.  Otherwise I'd have never known about it.

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Caseymini said...

Very nice, Kat. Both in large and small. Love the bellpull. I have looked high and low for something panda. Sorry. So far, I have nothing. Still thinking and still trying.