Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Old UnFinished Object-Now Finished

This time it's a piece of mini stitching.  It predates me meeting the local mini group back in college.  I was given the kit by a lady in one of my history classes.  We were partners for a class project and when I was at her house I saw her amazing dollhouse.  She had one of these "Welcome" mats finished at the front door.

When the semester was over she invited me back over for a wine, chocolate, and mini party.  We had a lovely time and came away with some duplicate things she had kicking around in her stash.

The rug never got finished back then because the finishing instructions were just too strange.  I thought I'd understand them better now since I've had more stitching experience and whatnot.  I was sorely mistaken.

After puzzling through them unsuccessfully for 30 minutes I said, "(insert choice expletive here) this.  I know Casey doesn't do it this way.  There's probably a reason."  Off I went to Casey's blog and I was right.  She finishes mini needlepoint rugs this way.

The first thing I did was to stitch another round of border.  It didn't look finished enough before.  In fact in that picture above you can see that I forgot to take a "before" picture until after I'd started the new border.
So here it is after 15 or so years of being unfinished:

Thanks, Casey!  :-)

I plan on doing at least one more in the hopes that I can show my tension has improved with time.  But somehow it just didn't seem right letting this one remain a UFO.

Some of you may be wondering when I'm going to get around to the curtains I mentioned on Sunday.  Well it's still Sunday night... I'm writing this post to update on Monday afternoon whilst I'm uber-busy with Guild things.  The fabric for said curtains is in the washing machine and is headed for the dryer in about five minutes.  I plan on trying out the curtain instructions at the meeting tomorrow.  I'm also trying out this "schedule a blog post" thing for the first time, so I apologize if it doesn't work correctly.  If it works I'll try to utilize it more in the future so I can blog more often again.


Ana said...

Muy buen trabajo¡¡¡Felicidades

WendiesMiniWorld said...

thats a long time to have something so small stay unfinished... but it was worth the wait as you've done a really neat job!!! its a satisfying feeling finishing off UFO's. I'm trying desperately to finish off at least one project before starting ANY more, my poor to-do list is getting so long now methinks I shall have to live until Im at least 184! LOL

Ara said...

Lovely mat Kat! How great to finish a project after a long intermission!! Makes me wanna go back and see what I have undone.... or that might be a bit too scary! hugs, ara

Caseymini said...

Kat, don't feel guilty about 15 years of unfinished rug. I have some that are much older. I think that there are a couple from the early 80s...Oops! You did a great job of finishing, but I suggest that you run an iron over it to make it lay flat. Face down on the board and whip the iron across it a few times. It will be flat as a pancake. Congrats on the finish!