Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Interior Touches

I dug out an old Chrysnbon kit a few days ago and put together/painted three pieces for the interior of the Porch scene.  I kept everything plain, plain white because of the busy wallpaper pattern in the room.
 The spoon rack/planter needs some ivy spilling out of it, so it's not in place just yet.  A friend of mine is going to loan me her ivy punch tomorrow so I can make some leaves.

 However the clock is in place above the butterfly aviary. 
 And the wall mounted coat rack is hanging on the wall just inside the front door next to what I imagine is the door to the garage.
I was counting birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend, so I don't have much else to show.  I did do some reading on window treatments and I believe I'm going to try my hand at some net curtains for the windows.  They look bare from the outside, but I don't want too much blocking the view of the interior.  Net and lace might be the ticket.  We'll see how that goes.

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Ana said...

Oh¡¡¡¡ muy buenos trabajos¡¡¡Te han quedado preciosos¡¡¡felicidades