Monday, February 28, 2011

Some of the Current Panda Ideas

I spent a couple of hours trolling the internets for nursery ideas.  These are a few items for real life nurseries that I found.

This is just awesome.  I'm not sure if I'd sculpt the parts in clay and then flock them or use fabric and sew them.  He looks so hugable!  I wish I had one big enough to fight me.
 I'm not sure I like this rug.  It looks more like panda roadkill.  But maybe doing something like this and filling it with stuffing to have a panda bear that a child could nap on?  I've seen stuffed toys like that in catalogs before.
Before I show the lamp ideas I want to mention the roombox I chose has a clear top, which takes away the need to electrify the room.  Not everyone is wiling to rearrange their homes so a "toy" can reach electricity.  I might look into a couple of those new LED lamps on the market, but only if my friend wants to go that route.  So for now all lamps would be non-working.

 I think this is the better of the two lamps.  The panda and ball could be easily made from polymer clay or even beads.  A bit of paper or fabric with trim for the shade...
 This lamp idea could be cute if I found the right bead or sculpted a more cartoonish panda from clay.
What do you think folks?

I should have the trial run height chart done and have pictures Tuesday.  I wasn't sure which fabric to use so I'm doing one on each and I'll see what fits the room best.


Kathi said...

Cute cute cute! LOVE the rocking panda! The lamps are great too. I like the one with the beach ball, of course. :D

Katie said...

....I don't know how I missed the road kill Panda before! To freakin' funny!!!

>>>Hey I was thinking...I'd like to do a sign for the babies room, I was thinking her name would be awesome.....Or if not, maybe some other word?....If you could email me at I'm thinking of doing it on a cream background so it blends in... I've got a few other ideas too:) Thanks!