Wednesday, February 2, 2011


10:30pm last night: FH geared up to deal with 3+ feet of snow on the deck, which is also the roof of the sun porch.

Snowdrift up to his hips.

Oh so much fun to clear.

My turn to work.

3:30 am this morning: You can hardly tell we worked for 90 minutes out there.

1:00pm today: Getting ready to start digging out.

The drifts remind me of the white sand dunes back home.

As far as I got on the first shift of shoveling today.  To my credit I did clear the front walk and the small steps in the side yard for the postman to use.
I didn't get the slate on the porch finished last night.  Too much time trying to prevent the deck from collapsing.  The wind was blowing all the snow from the roof onto the deck.  If you think about it, it's preferable than the snow staying on the roof.  At least this way we could not worry about the roof buckling.

FH's first round of digging today almost reached the street.  There was just a few feet left to do plus digging out halfway into the street to the single plowed path.  However on my second shift I re-cleared the deck and made my way out and around the side of the house to the back yard.  We needed to clear the path from the basement door, up one set of stairs, and around in case of fire or other emergency.  The 2+ feet of snow that was blocking the door has been moved.  By the time I got done the sun was setting.

Tomorrow we will finish the driveway and make it to the plowed part of the street.  Hopefully by then the street plows will come through again and widen the clear portion of the road.  There would be much less work for us that way.

I'm going to get cleaned up, changed into comfortable clothes, and then spend the rest of the evening on Rose Cuttings.  Ugh.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a workout for both of you! I almost feel guilty about the lovely weather we're enjoying - as if I am powerful enough to have some control over it....