Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Putting Through Paces

When I got the Singer back last week I needed to make sure everything was fine before I started back on the brocade waistcoat.  Happily I had a quick project on hand to work up.  Even happier is it's been in my stash since February and it's for me. :-)

 I found kits to make fun half-circle napkins at one of the local quilt shops.  I loved the fabric in one particular kit so much, so I bought enough to make a dozen napkins.  The design is called "Floral Bouquet Napkins" from Boardwalk Quilts.  Here is a link to their on-line store for those interested.
 The finished napkins followed by a close up of the thread colors.  I used green on the cream fabric side and pink on the green fabric.  I'm wishing now I'd have used the pink for both, but they are still pretty and usable so I'm letting it slide.  I may go back and do another row of topstitching so both sides have both thread colors.
All in all this dozen took maybe an afternoon to make.  That's with the fabric pre-shrunk the day before.  I'm planing on putting together some other fabric combinations for holiday gifts once the other sewing is done.  

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Michelle said...

I got this pattern and several sets of (now pre-washed) fabrics to make these for gifts several years ago, but never made them. You have inspired me; maybe they will get finished for THIS Christmas!