Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Frustration

Tempie stopped eating on last Friday (9.9.11).  Sadly we had just taken her to the vet for a molar trim the week before and thus we were mostly broke.  We had just enough cash to get her a local vet who could take digital x-rays... sadly it seemed I knew more about what I was seeing in the picture than they did. 
Disapproving bun disapproves.
What it showed could either have been digested food or some sort of fibrous material sitting in her colon.  And lots of gas in her intestines.  When rabbits are blocked like that surgery is possible but not always successful. 

So FH and I decided to keep treating her at home with everything we could (freshly pureed pineapple,medicines, Critical Care via syringe feeding, massaging her belly) and hope for the best.  Saturday she stopped swallowing food given via syringe.  She would only take water.  Sunday was an "iffy" day...she passed a marble sized/shaped poo and we're not quite sure how she managed it.  Monday was worse; no improvements and she was visibly weaker.  

On Tuesday she passed another marble after I gave her a butt-bath.  When I put her back in a clean cage she immediately started eating her litter.  I ran and got her fresh food and she started eating it and then started drinking water on her own. 

 At this point we're hoping she continues to improve on her own.  I'll still be medicating her and supplementing her diet with syringe feedings.  Hopefully now she will swallow.  I'm also hoping our regular vet will have received the digital x-rays and have a better idea of what is going on. 


Miss Kitty said...


You & Tempie are in my thoughts and prayers.

marlies said...

I hope she will be better soon, the poor thing!
* marlies

Kathi said...

Oh no, more trouble. Hope that Tempie continues to improve. Love that "disapproving" photo. So sweet.

Lataina said...

Poor thing. =( I hope Tempie gets better very soon.