Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Sewing Projects

The sewing machine is still gone, but here's another batch of cuteness that got (mostly) finished before it left.

I used the same pattern envelope as the Tulip Hats and made a couple of Newsboy style hats for the boys.  There's going to be at least one in this batch of six, and it never hurts to have a gift stash.  I do think that some of the older sisters might like this kind of hat, so I might be making larger ones in different colors for them.

 The blue and cream hat will probably get a button on top to hide the poorly fit corners.  I think it will be even cuter that way.
 I'm not sure how, but this one turned out perfectly on top.  I think I will leave the button off the top.
Of course FH saw these and asked if one of these was for the one boy we know about.  I said yes and he said, "oh.  I was thinking you should make a red one with a white circle on the front and put and 'M' in the circle."  He has a point.  The parents-to-be are gamer geeks like us and grew up with Super Mario Brothers like we did.  *sigh*  So I have another hat to cut out once the sewing machine is back.


Kathi said...

Love these hats. They are so cute!
You really did a nice job with them. :D

Kim said...

oh- what a cute idea FH had! These are adorable Kat :)