Friday, January 1, 2010

Shabby Chic in 1 inch scale, pt. 5

Many of you may recall that last February I was working on this Shabby Chic roombox and that I wanted a different container for the room. Originally I had planed on using two hats boxes to make a round room, similar to one I had seen in an issue of Dollhouse Miniatures several years back.

I had a stroke of inspiration that not only allowed me to be incredibly lazy in my efforts to re-room Shabby Chic, but also gave me an excuse to play with some really nice scrapbook papers.

Here's the original room in the old setting:
I started with a standard display case for a football (an American football, not soccer/real football). I had a piece of thick craft foam that was cut to fill in the hole for the ball, which allowed for me to use a paper floor.
Then I used the scrapbook papers to hide inserts of foam-core craft board. I thought about painting over the wood to make it white, but decided against it.

I was able to add a second window to this room, but right now I still cannot locate the remaining pieces of the fabric I used for the first set of curtains. I also need to find some scenery to put behind the windows and figure out where I stashed a thin strip of veneer to put across the top of the window dressings. If you look closely there is a frame of foam-core board behind each window. I did that so the standard dollhouse windows would sit correctly against the glass side.
The furniture is all strategically placed to allow the box to lift off the base without disturbing the layout and without any wall decorations to catch on the furniture.

I added a few more minis that fit the theme and plan on adding more as I find or make them. Petunia has migrated from the Trading Post into this room. She seems to fit better in here, but I am giving serious thought to making her a "sassy" room to live in. For a better definition of sassy, visit my friend, Marsha's, blog. Until then, Petunia will reside here in much more girlie surroundings.

I wish I could say this is the last of the Shabby Chic room, at least as far as posts go. However until I get the curtains to match, find the veneer strip, and get a few more things in there I think there will be at least one more post in the future. Especially since the dress form still irritates me...

The best part about getting this project going again was it provided me a great excuse to take a break from the holiday cleaning and play. The empty display case and all the papers kept migrating around the living room and dining room. It became necessary to stop cleaning and play long enough to consolidate everything into its present form.

That's all for now. I've got multiple mini irons in the fire, so to speak. I will try to get pictures soon, but I'm balancing miniatures with the house hunting. ;-)


TreeFeathers said...

The room turned out great! I've seen those cases in the hobby stores before and though about using them, but I wasn't sure how to handle the clear glass all the way around. I like the way you backed the walls with a pretty paper/cloth, that turned out really nice.

- Grace

A. Wright said...

It's so pretty. I think you made a good choice not painting it white. Good luck with the continued house hunt!

julie campbell said...

KatI really love this !
I've been looking at a similar case to house my old woman in the shoe and now I am definitely going to buy one. It displays your room prefectly and I love the way you can access it easily and the way you blined the walls.
What a fab idea !
julie xx

marlies said...

I love that new roombox and all you made in it!
Happy New Year!
* marlies

kathi said...

What a great idea! I'm going to tuck this away for later...

Liberty Biberty said...

The shabby chic room looks great in the new case. Love those windows!

Sans said...

I too have been looking for a box to house my many many outdoor scenes.Not easy to get those here. Your room looks great, Kat!

Ara said...

what a great idea to use a football display case!! I would have never though of that! And the foam core to fit the windows is a great trick! The room is lovely! hugs, ara