Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Idea, New Blog

Here's the background: FH bought me a really cool new teapot for Yule. It has a infuser basket that sets inside the top and lets me use loose (real) teas.

I was chatting with Wendiekins on Facebook the other afternoon (evening for her) and the subject of teas came up. Ok really I was whinging about not having any loose tea to try out my new teapot and then the subject evolved into wishing we lived closer so we could occasionally meet for tea and mini fun. (Drat that Atlantic Ocean!)

Then it hit me: the Internet! That electronic critter that we all use to post our projects, make new mini friends, and communicate over long distances in real time... The Internet could let us have a tea party!

So now Wendie and I have launched a blog (and a Facebook Group of the same name) called: Mini Madness Virtual Tea Party (Top Hat Optional) where we hope our friends will join us for tea parties on a global scale. Imagine sitting at the computer with a cup of tea (or whatever) and knowing that even though your friend is thousands of miles away they're doing the same thing...

Currently we're still in the planning stages, but we will update everyone soon. For more information, please come visit us at either location.


A. Wright said...

that's very cool idea. I have mug with an infuser cup & lid that sit on top that I adore, but it seems rough to find loose teas around here. The one shop closed :(

Tallulah Belle said...

oohhh off to check it out now :-)

Ara said...

Sounds like a fun idea!!! Please keep us updated! A cup of tea sounds heavenly right about now! hugs, ara