Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Break for Tea

Today was the first day I have been able to sleep in for a bit and not wake up still sick in about two weeks. Lucky me it was also the day where I had no particular place to rush off to.

I heard a muffled voice coming from a certain shipping tube and went to investigate. Madeline had traveled with me to the a couple of Stitchers' Guild meetings and she had not made it back out of her "traveling pod." She quite likes her pod since it keeps her from being injured while in transit and it much warmer to and from the car.

Once I opened the lid I asked her to please repeat what she had said. "Today would be the perfect day for you to indulge in a real cuppa with the treats from Wendiekins. It's horribly icy outside and really you've just got housework and packing, so you really ought to relax for a bit. Besides you've been ill and need to rest."

Now I'm not one to question a witch-in-training on how she knows it's icy outside when she's been in her pod for a few days. I know better. Even though she's not a full witch yet, she's got talents or else Ezzie would have never invited her cousin to come train with her as an apprentice.

I reflected for a moment on my skating trip to and from the mailbox, decided perhaps Maddie was correct, and took my new teapot out of its box.
And since my mother taught me manners I prepared a place for Maddie to join me while the water was boiling and the milk was warming.
I pulled a desk and chair out of the Big Dollhouse, dug out a teapot that is nearly the same color as mine, and put everything in the random Halloween bag I put together for fun last year. Ezzie's cat decided he would come investigate since it was more interesting that sleeping in the storage box. And as luck would have it I hadn't packed the tea tray from Wendie so Maddie could enjoy an ├ęclair.

So here we sit, enjoying our tea and treats and Maddie say, "I told you so."

We will get back to packing when we're done.


Tallulah Belle said...

Yup you deserve to take a break (((())))

Shame we can't get real clotted cream easily over here to go on your biccies.

Michelle said...

What a charming read; I hope you enjoyed every minute, every crumb and every drop!

Sans said...

That's the spirit! Have a break :). And when you feel better, everything will seem like half its effort :). Maddie is a wise witch. You should always heed her advice !

Debie Lyons said...

Its nice to hear that you are feeling beter Kat. Maddie looks right at home. I love clotted cream, years ago my nan used to buy me little pots and I would eat it with nothing else LOL

Debie xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

how I smiled reading this post! :o) I can almost imagine you & Maddy having quite a deep & meaningful chat over your cuppas LOL just remember during this upheaval of home moving to find a few mins each day for 'you' time, it may save your sanity, not that theres any isssue there of course ...... hee hee

rosanna said...

Nice to read you are feeling better. Do not overwork yourselves, it doesn't pay to the long distance. Enjoy your break. Have a nice day Rosanna