Friday, January 29, 2010

House Stuff

Some people have been asking about pictures. I plan on taking my camera with on the day we close to get some good ones for everyone to see. I thought about taking it with me on the day of the inspection but I didn't want to tempt the fates in some way. Since we found a major electrical issue with the inspector that morning, I'm glad I didn't. The problem was bad enough that we could have walked away from the contract with no penalty... but it's currently being repaired so no worries.

I thought about starting a blog for the house repairs/remodeling but decided against it. You all will just have to keep watching this space for that. I've got enough trouble posting here about minis and fiber, so at least there will be something interesting (hopefully) here. ;-)

We close the day after Valentine's, which I thought was kind of neat. FH is taking a half day at work so we can celebrate, steam off some ancient wallpaper, and have the locks all re-keyed. I will also be loading the car with as much fragile stuff as I can since we have to drive up there anyway that day. Why waste the space in the car? :-)

Once we have the keys I will probably only have time to post the "before pictures" and then I'll be gone for about two weeks. Between trying to get out of the rental by the end of the month and moving the internet connection to the new house, I doubt I'll be on-line very much.

I'm going to get off here and get back to work. Catch everyone later!

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Tallulah Belle said...

Good luck (((())))

Def take before pics...even now we are in I refer to mine a lot as it is easier to see the rooms empty than try and image things when they are full of boxes :-)

I had to take pics as I went along as I'd do the initial viewing and Mick only came to look if it was something I thought was a possible...we saw so much crap it was a waste of him taking time off work.

Glad they are sorting out the electrics for you.