Friday, February 20, 2009

Midnight Musings

Do I try to get a dog? Not just any dog. A support dog.

Here are the dilemmas:
1. Money
2. Space
3. I'm not working or in a place where I can even work (or study) so why get a dog to be under foot when I'm not out in the field?
4. Am I "disabled enough" to even qualify?

Where I used to live I could get one of those hang-tag things for my rearview mirror for parking. I never did. There have been cold days here where I almost wish I had, but then I figure I should really walk on my own while I still have youth on my side.

But carrying things and bending are becoming more difficult. The bending will be helped with yoga once I find a place to go and learn. I'm more concerned with carrying things and the desire to still go out into the field for geo-paleo work. The random occurrences of falling have scared the crap out of me too. Especially with FH at work and my friend, Holly, having an irregular schedule at the department store.

After falling out of the shower a few monthes ago I've become more paranoid. I carry my cell phone with me everywhere. But... what happens the next time if I hit my head? Who calls for help? Not me. It's scary enough that I will only bathe if FH is home, on the way home, or Holly is expecting me by a certain time. I've had a couple of shakey moments since the intial fall. Yes, I am going to see my doctor about this. I go in for some tests in April. I'm wondering if she'll want me to go see a neuro guy.

The one neuro guy I've found in the area who specializes in spina bifida doesn't have good reviews. I miss the guy I had in St. Louis. Ironically he never saw me for the spina bifida, he saw me for a pinched nerve. For the record, if you are ever recommended for nerve conduction study of your arms be prepared for excrushiating pain. You know it's bad when the doctor asks if you would like him to end the test because tears are involentarily pouring out of your eyes.

I have a feeling the strange boughts of numbness in my feet are related to my back and probably caused by injuries I accumulated while we were moving. Not knowing where my feet end at random intervals doesn't help with the balancing issue either.

We really don't have space in this house for another animal. If we didn't have as many cats and could invest in a different hutch set-up for the rabbits it could work. But I can't bear the thought of not doing everything I can to keep the cats healthy and happy. Castor and Pollux turn 10 next month. Castor is still no doing well, even on the food change.

The bunnies would have heart attacks. Well 'Bert would at least. The poor baby is terrified of our feet walking past him. I hate to think what having a dog around would do to him. Tempie would probably try to eat the dog. She's my brave girl. Her teeth need trimming again. We have to be able to afford care for the critters we have. And that's getting harder to do with the changes in medical needs.

I supose what I should do at this point is to have a discussion with the doctor and call the support dog organization to see how long their waiting list is and what information they need from me. If the wait is several years long, then perhaps I should get onto it now.

I do know that as our cherished critters age and fade away we will not be able to get as many new ones so a dog can be afforded. It's vexing.

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Brenda said...

Best of luck with whatever you decide.