Monday, February 23, 2009

Gift From A Friend

More post inspirations today. This time it came from Alice.

She mentioned in a comment about Brenna's nursery about knowing my friend, Fay, through some outline groups. I thought people might like to see one of Fay's miniatures that I'm lucky enough to own.

When FH and I were married we eloped right before Christmas of 2007. The following April we threw a reception for our friends and family. Fay surprised us with this beautiful miniature that I will treasure forever.
As soon as I stopped crying I rearranged the cake table to showcase the miniature. Of course whoever took the next picture thought the cake was more important, but you can see most of the room. This room became the star of the party. Every camera brought to the reception has at least one picture of it. Currently it sits far away from the cats on a shelf in our living room.

All but two members of my St.Louis mini group were able to attend. Our aunt (I think) snapped this picture.

(Yes, I know the dress is too tight. Blame my mother... I did every time I tried to take a breath.)

These are the best mini friends a person could ever dream of. This Friday I will be lucky enough to see everyone again. I haven't been for a visit since July. It will be good to see everyone and catch up on everything I've missed.

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Debbie said...

What a wonderful gift for you..