Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Filler

Morning everyone! :-)

I haven't had my morning tea yet, so I haven't starting making cakes at the moment. Once I'm awake enough to not slice into my fingers with a tissue blade I will get started.

I ran through pictures of food I've done recently and thought this piece might interest you. A friend needed table and hostess gifts for last year's N.A.M.E. national event. The theme was "Castles and Cottages." After years of sewing gowns for a Renaissance choir when I think of castles I think the Renaissance.

This piece is a Renaissance gingerbread, sculpted to resemble the Tudor Rose, and gilded because that's what cooks to the wealthy did back then. Early gingerbread was not cakey like it is now, it's more like a thick taffy texture, so it was often sculpted for special occasions or to flatter dinner guests.

Inspiration for this piece came from Gode Cookery, a website dedicated to the preservation of Medieval and Renaissance recipes.


Brenda said...

That is pretty! What did they use to gild the real bread?

MiniKat said...

Real gold. The nobility ate gold on lots of things.

Brenda said...

I knew you were gonna say that, but I had to ask. I wonder what it taste like?? I'm sure I'll never know.

Karen B. said...

Too precious...I think I love the mini world!