Monday, February 23, 2009

Lovely People... Lots of Them

I wanted to say hello to three more lovely folks who have started visiting.

Golden Unicorn Miniatures has a wonderful blog full of gorgeous miniatures. If you want to see some beautiful pictures, go have a look!

Doreen, not to be confused with my mother-in-law of the same name, has to great blogs full of miniatures! One is for miniature projects, the other is filled with adorable miniatures. Both are a treat to read through.

Daisy Carpi has four blogs that will make you lose time going through the pictures: 1/12 scale miniatures, her life-size paintings, handmade miniatures, and building a set of shops.

Be warned. I lost my Sunday between these six blogs. But is was so wonderful.

I also thought I should publicly say how wonderful Sharon at In Stitches, Karen at Karen's Shetlands, Leigh over at Leigh's Fiber Journal, Miz Minka over at Miz Minka's Musings, Michelle at Boulderneigh are. These great fiber artists have life-sized fun, beautiful landscapes, and multitudes of critter adventures on their blogs.

Paper art. That's what I call Alice's cards. Alice not only makes drop dead gorgeous cards, but she is occasionally allowed by life and her feline "helpers" to make miniatures. Visit her at Double Purr.

For a portrait, landscape, or still-life painted in words please visit Pamella and Edward at From the House of Edward. You will be breathless.

Last but not in any way least, are Catzee and Rascal. They are Leigh's four-footed kids. Their antics and perspectives on life make me think and laugh. Especially since I have a multitude of pets.

These wonderful people have been following/visiting me from the beginning. Their presence makes the world a more beautiful place and stretch my horizons. They are beautiful.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. There are just so many wonderful bloggers out there. If I left anyone out, I will remedy the situation quickly I promise.

Thank you to everyone!

I did nearly forget someone and didn't catch it until I had published the post. Eek!

Maia, at Maia's Twinkle Miniatures, is a wonderful artist and has many gorgeous pictures of her miniatures. Go for a visit and see what I mean. She's also the only person who decided to play the Pay it Forward game with me this time around. Amidst the planning for this year's miniature show, my bright spot has been brainstorming ideas for her gift! And I've settled on... well, you'll just have to wait until she's received it! ;-)

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