Thursday, February 26, 2009

Current Projects and Goals

I've been rummaging through my supply room looking through the stash of polymer clay. I've finally decided what kind of cakes I'm going to make for my friends' birthdays and how I will decorate them. I will get the pictures up sometime after Friday. Don't want to ruin the surprise accidentally.

Lately I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for miniature food to sell in my web-store. I come up with ideas and other extremely talented artists from other locals have beaten me to the punch. Since I don't want to seem like I'm copying other people's work, I end up thinking more than sculpting. I definitely don't want to step on toes or hurt feelings since my eventual goal is to join IGMA and start trying for artisan status.

The show that I am planning on attending as a dealer this fall may or may not actually happen. This would be my first show ever. The economy being what it is, and with bigger shows within a 200-mile radius forcing a date change, means that I may have to look farther away and end up with greater expense and less certain profit return. That's the same story I'm hearing from other artists everywhere.

For now I guess I will get these cakes done for my friends and get some stock built up. If the show I'm supposed to go to doesn't happen, I can always try for the St. Louis show in October. It's more expensive, but I wouldn't have to worry about lodging and meals since our families are there.


Brenda said...

Do you use food sites, cookbooks, and food magazines as a source of inspiration? I don't sell anymore, but when I need ideas for dollhouse food, that's what I do.

MiniKat said...

Yes I do. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes I end up actually cooking real food.