Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something to Believe In

It occurs to me that when I start posting information and thoughts of a paleontological nature that some folks in cyberspace might very well take exception to said thoughts. I thought it prudent to take the time here to state everybody needs something to believe in. I don't care if a person's whole life revolves around String Theory, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, the Maiden/Mother/Crone, the Ultimate Argument of Logic, or what have you. As long as people are content and at peace with what they believe in then I will never step on any persons' toes regarding their beliefs. It is simply none of my business and I refuse to put my nose into someone else's religion.

So before anyone decides to inform me that I'm going to Hades for believing in the Geological Time Scale or anything else, please stop and remind yourself that I would never treat you like less of a human being for what you believe. So please give me the same courtesy.

In harm none, do what you will.

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