Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finished Cross Stitch

I *just* finished a wedding themed cross stitch that is a gift to friends who were happily wed last Saturday. I will get it blocked hopefully before the weekend and then I will get a nicer picture posted. Until then, here's one that still clearly shows the ring left by the hoop.

While I'm on the subject of finished stitching that are given as gifts, here is one I did for my friend, Holly, for her birthday last week. Her hubby got it framed and I think it turned out really well. She loves it. ;-) It should be noted that Holly received hers on the 23rd of this month, afterwards I started the wedding piece.

Next is a baby gift for friends who are expecting their second tax deduction. Somewhere in all this I need to block and frame one finished piece and finish, block, and frame another for the FH.* Both of his pieces are bear-themed, but not teddy bears. The finished piece is a grizzly bear. The current work in progress is a black bear.

I will have a bit of knitting and some spinning to show off sometime near Thanksgiving. My best girl-friend who is recently back from the "land down under" is coming for a week long visit/fiber binge. She's going to be shipping roving, dye, and other bits up here so she can carry clothes and her spinning wheel on the train. Her knitting is some of the absolute best I've ever seen. I'm lucky enough to own two things she has cast on for me. One is a treasured shawl that she made for me to wear at my wedding; the other is a beanie that arrived at the same time as a water buffalo hat with croc skin/tooth band for the FH.

The next finished project will either be miniature in nature or Christmas ornaments, depending on what gets the most attention.

*FH= Fuzzy Husband

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