Monday, October 27, 2008

Fiber: A necessary part of a daily diet.

For any other fiber folks out there, I thought you might be interested in the goodies I picked up at the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild's Spin In about a week ago.

Here is a 4 oz. braid of Merino that I purchased from Snokist Farm.

This is a 2 oz bag of blended Corriedale, Dorset, and firestar dyed by the same person. She calls the colorway "Picaroon." Kathy has an etsy store called "snokistfarmgirl."

I ended up purchasing a Louet S15 from a friend and decided I absolutely needed this threader, made by Dave "DK" Kolars.
When I saw it I fell in lust with it.
He has a shop in Dekalb, IL if folks are interested.

DK also makes drop spindles that are gorgeous!

The spin in was a great time. This was the first fiber event I had been to since I left the Missouri Ozarks.

The same friend who sold me the wheel took two ribbons in the Viewer's Choice awards. One for her spinning and one for her silk knitting.

Maybe next year I will remember to stop gabbing long enough to attend some of the demonstrations and classes.

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