Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny musings

I must either be extremely bored or enjoying the shininess of this new blog because I feel compelled to introduce the little white ball o' fluff that acts as my profile photo.

Tempie is a dwarf hotot rabbit who is approximately three years old. She loves to beat up on the three cats and one other rabbit who share her house. Tempie also has an obsession with human toes. Given her penchant for chicken, this gives us humans some cause for concern.

Now before anyone panics about what we feed our little "Beast of Antioch," let me assure you that she and her lapin punching-bag are given fresh greens, unlimited timothy hay, pellets, and treats in the form of fresh fruit and rolled oats. Tempie has acquired a taste for the cats' food which is made from pure chicken and rice. Why she likes it so much we do not know. The vet was confused when we asked if it was horribly bad for her.

That being said whenever she is out and about she will forcibly remove whichever cat is occupying their dish and proceed to chow down. We have seen the after effects of a full bunny mouth dripping with cat hair on several occasions. The cats have begun to fear her presence near their food and will quickly flee to higher ground.

Higher ground has also changed definitions since this rabbit has figured out that she can climb furniture and does on a regular basis. We call these instances cases of, "All Terrain Bunny," or, "ATB situations." The cats do have an escape route if they chose to either fly over the baby gate that sits in the bedroom door or cross the dreaded tile floor into the office.

We keep an empty mini bottle of Chambord on top of her cage because it resembles the Holy Hand Grenade. And Tempie does in fact have, "sharp, pointy teeth."

Eventually I will sit down and write about the circumstances which brought her into my life. It is important to note that her name was derived from the word: temporary. Obviously she had other plans.

A final note: Chambord brownies rock much. I really think I should make some soon.

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