Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where Mom Has Got To

Tempie here!  Don't mind me... I love this ottoman thingie.  Anyways Mom's playin' catch-up from while I was sick.  She got behind on all sorts of inside chores and now it's nice enough for her to work outside too.

I'm supposed to say the Panda Nursery thingie will get the missin' mural sometime next week... she thinks.

Oh and Castor got hurt the other night when Mom and Dad were givin' him his fluids.  Mom forgot to warm them first and he fought a lot.  He ended up getting stabbed in the muscles at his shoulders.  It freaked Mom out but he's fine now.

I'm not supposed to mention this next bit but I'm really bad about keepin' secrets.  Mom's gonna do another giveaway to promote "Make Mine Chocolate" like she did last year.  I think she'll have things ready next week.  But don't tell her I told you!


dale's dreams said...

Cute, some bunny has been spilling the beans! ;)

Leigh said...

Tempie, you are so cute!