Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thanks Katie!

Katie did it again!  She made two more adorable minis for the Nursery.  They arrived in the mail yesterday.  Aren't they cute!?!

Thanks again Katie!

These are going to look great in the Nursery!  Speaking of the Nursery construction details are still stalled.  The wallpaper mural for the outside is still back-ordered.  I've called the store and the very nice ladies are trying to get in touch with the lady who makes the papers.  Hopefully I will know more soon.

Until then I have to keep working on things for the inside.  If the back-order goes on too long I may have to come up with a "Plan C"... the mural was Plan B.  *sigh*  At least Tempie can keep me company in the work room again.  It was too lonely in there with her sick and 'Bert gone.  Back to work I go!


Kathi said...

How sweet! Love the little birdhouse. =)

Katie said...

I hate to toot my own horn here... But I must agree! They are super cute:)Glad to got to you so quick!! And that Tempie is able to follow you- Glad she's doing better!!