Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  The weather is mild here today. I went out and took a few pictures to help make this post prettier.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their pet stories.  I loved reading them all.  It's funny how all the little creatures find ways to entangle themselves in our hearts.  Personally I believe that's what helps us be both human and humane.

A quick word about "Make Mine Chocolate."  This movement is designed to educate people about the drawbacks and sadness associated with giving live bunnies (ducklings and chicks too) as children's Easter gifts.  So many of these animals end up in shelters or dumped once children become bored or the parents do not want to deal with their care.
Many of you know Tempie was one such Easter bunny.  Someone dumped her in the country and luckily for her she hopped into my sister's yard.  Even better that I knew how to care for rabbits and that my parents let me keep her since I was living in their home again. 

'Bert could've become one of those animals had the people at the pet store not warned people away form him "because he (was) mean."  In reality he was so afraid of everything he would attack first in hopes of making people leave him alone.  He was taken from his mother too young, neutered too young, and all the rabbits he arrived with at the store were bought leaving him alone for weeks.  He didn't like the new rabbits when they were plopped into the same territory as him so they had to separate him from the rest.  I saved fate the trouble and brought him home.

I believe no animal should be brought into a home without some thought, planning, and maybe a little research, regardless of species.  Just a little effort on a human's part can lead to one less animal being thrown away.  I know so many of you feel the same way.  Our pets mean the world to us and our members of the family.  Enough with the soap box. 

Now for the fun part!

Since getting Tempie to draw a name last year took hours... yes hours... I had FH give me a hand this year.  It's fitting though since 'Bert was more his bunny anyway.  So with out further ado:

Congratulations, Kim!  I'll be emailing you shortly.

And since this giveaway was dedicated to 'Bert, I thought we should have at least one picture of him.
 Thanks again to everyone who participated!


Kathi said...

Congratulations Kim!

I am in total agreement with you about people adopting little animals and then casting them away. Adoption is a life long commitment, or should be.

Hope your Easter day was filled with many blessings!

Katie said...

Happy Easter Minikat!!

Congrats to Kim!! Woo-who!!

Love the pic of Bert! He doesn't look mean at all! If fact, he looks quite sweet!


Kim said...

Kat- thank you so much! I am so excited- I don't have much for Easter decor so I am thrilled a little bunny is coming to me! I will go check my email right now! Hope your Easter was wonderful ♥