Thursday, April 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never-A Giveaway

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to the blog.  Life's just been hectic.  Since Tempie went and spilled the beans about a giveaway I can't just hold onto things until next year. 

So without further ado, here are the rules for this year's giveaway in honor of "Make Mine Chocolate."  This is the movement that encourages people to give chocolate bunnies instead of live bunnies as Easter gifts.

Remember this guy?
I actually made two of these. 

Whomever wins the giveaway will get one of these and a few other decorative Easter/spring items.  I will try and get pictures of the other goodies tomorrow, but I may keep a couple things a surprise.

In addition to "Make Mine Chocolate" I'm dedicating the giveaway to 'Bert's memory.  The rules are simple:  Leave a comment on this post with a story about a pet you've loved, between now and Saturday.  You do not have to be a follower, but if you are I will add your name to the hat a second time.  On Easter Sunday I'll pull the winner's name and announce the winner.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

This seems the right time of year to talk about "Beuford". For thoose who know some about rabbits, my X husband raised rabbits for butchering. He came home one day with a new Buck. It was still just a bunny, and he was excited because of it's size. It was half Checkered Giant, which is a huge rabbit that has white fur with black spots down the back. The other half was French Lop. A big boned rabbit with ears that flop over.
I took one look at this bunny and was in love. I started petting it and said "Hellow Beuford" He just looked too cute. He was white, with the telling black spots of his blood lines - but he had huge, really huge, feet. And his ears! They sort of stood up, but the tops of them drooped over, in a rather lop sided way. He looked like he had been in the sun too long and was starting to wilt. Eventually my X husband moved the female rabbits over to his older sons house and had to buy a new "Buck." Because Beuford (and any of his offspring) Well, they just were not going to be butcherd. Beuford got huge, and grew into thoose big feet. Somewhere around 25 pounds. He would hop around the yard and come when I called to him. When I set outside in the lawn chair he would crawl up in my lap like a cat. The kids loved to watch him eat dandylions. They would pick a tall flower and give him the end of the stem and watch him chew his way down the the yellow flower and then it would pop into his mouth leaving little yellow dandylion pettals around his mouth. He had run of the house, and would come inside ocasionally to see what we were doing, but prefured the yard. One of my friends made a sign for me that read BEWARE OF GUARD "RABBIT". It was because he was so big. He lived a long and happy life eating carrots and clover grass and being petted daily. Thank you for your time letting me drift off in nice memories. ladycobblestone

Katie said...

You Easter bunny is so cute! I would love to enter:)

So... A pet I loved? I grew up with a siamese cat named Ebenezer! My mom got him from a lady at work, she was going to have him put down becasue he had attacked the family bird. Around the same time we were going to Ca to see my Grandparents, and my Mom planned on taken the cat to her mother. Well.... that didn't happen, and he became my cat:) He had a terrible attitude, But I loved him. When we first got him, I was younger and used to dress him up in a baby gown, and put him in my pram, and walk with him around the neighborhood. When I got older, he totally rejected my husband. He'd sleep between us at night, and put his claws into my ex's back... so the ex would scoot over, and so would the cat. Poor ex fell out of bed a few times trying to get away from Ebenezer. LOL! He was a Good cat though! Walked me to school, and would be at the gate at the end of the day to walk back home with me!

OK... I gotta stop... No novel's allowed in th ecomment section, LOL!!!

Happy Easter Kat!!!

TINK - SONIA said...

lovely giveaway kat!! I would love to participe please.Mini regards from spain,Sonia-

Kim said...

oh- I really love this sweet little bunny cross stitch so much- how fun that he is part of the giveaway. Here is my story:

When we moved to the country I had a sheltie dog named Emily. We were outside the first week exploring the large yard of the house we had rented. Emily came running up to me with a big stick-very proud because she came from the cities and a very small yard and now she had all this room to explore. I told her- bring me the stick Emily- which she did. Imagine this city girl's shock when she looked down to see the stick she had taken had a hoove on one end and a bone sticking out the other end. She had brought me a deer leg! My hubby will never let me live down the shriek I let out- but Emily sure was one proud dog and quite disappointed we would not give her back her "stick" :)

Steph Marie said...

I had two dogs I loved very much before they both passed away. One was a Great Prynees I got while in elementary school and named her Sugar Plum. She was big and drooled, but she was lovable and s gentle. I took some of my Senior pictures with her, but shortly after that she passed away after suffering from some nervous system problems, a common ailment with large dogs. My second dog was a mix of a Black Lab and Springer Spaniel I got in high school from a 4H exhibit at a fall celebration. She was named Artemis and was wild when she was younger but mellowed with age. She was also the first dog my children knew in their lives, but sadly this fall she developed a brain tumor and passed away. I miss both dearly.

The Mini - Maker said...

Hey Kat... You know I'm a follower.

On to my story.

My youngest of 4 cats is named Sofie. I adopted her from a local animal shelter (she's actually my facebook profile pic).
The adoption agency (after we adopted her) told us that she and her brothers had been thrown into a literal dumpster by some #$@%*&*. Well, we of course were heart broken... but happy that we adopted her. Then we had to take her (2 weeks later) to get her booster shots. Banfield (the vet) gave her a leuk. test and it was positive. I was crushed. I sobbed and sobbed... they said that we should either give her back or put her down. I called the adoption agency and told them. They looked up her file and said that they had given her a vaccine... and she didn't have it.
We ended up having to get her retested twice through the adoption agency's vet (the first time to get a 2nd opinion, the second, just to make sure... a 2 outta 3 thing)
During this time... 6 weeks... we had to keep her away from the other cats... so we locked her in the downstairs bathroom. She would cry all nite. I would go in there and she would just love on me... I put a stuffed blowfish in there with her, that she would sleep with.
Finally, we got the tests back, and she was perfect! Hallelujah!
Even now, when I go in the downstairs bathroom, she follows me in there and loves on me.
She's my dollbaby.

Kelli said...

First off a very happy Easter to you and yours, and a big thank you for having this delightful giveaway. I would very much like to be a part of it.

I would have to share of a beagle that was supposed to be my dad's dog, and oddly enough spent the majority of his time with me. He was from a very small momma dog only 10" height at the shoulders, and his dad was 12". Good heights for pure bred beagles from what we were told... Jack however set a new standard in beagledom and reached 16" shoulder height, and we're not even going to bring up his weight. lol He was one of the gentlest creatures I've ever known, and to this day of all things when I see a clownfish I think of Jack.. You see he couldn't just sleep in a puppy bed, and in old age couldn't sleep at the end of the bed -- so I went and got him a Finding Nemo pillow to put with the double decker mattress bed I'd made for him... Turned out he liked it so much he'd drag that pillow throughout the house to where ever he wanted to lay, and then settle in... Most usually on your feet. :)

Thanks again for allowing us to share our stories and bringing us each a smile.