Monday, April 4, 2011

Cross-Stitched Panda Toy and Tempie

I'll get Tempie out of the way.  She's eating much more normally again, of course this didn't happen until yesterday morning.  However she's not eating anything that has to be chewed a lot like carrots and pea pods.  This is mildly distressing but for the moment FH and I are grating her carrots every night.  She happily eats them that way.  I have a call into the vet about that, hopefully I'll know more soon.

 I finished stitching the front and back of the panda toy yesterday.  I would have posted then but a lovely storm rolled through just as I was finished.
The piece of fabric I've been using for all these smaller pieces was washed and blocked last night.  I painted around the edges of each piece with diluted white glue earlier today.  Currently I'm waiting on the glue to dry so I can start the finishing on these things.

I'm going to get back to the laundry whilst the glue dries.  It will give me something productive to do.


Kim said...

oh Kat- I really really hope that Tempie starts to eat normally soon- I'm glad she is at least eating something! She is such a beauty! I love the little panda- so cute!!

dale's dreams said...

I hope the bunny continues to improve.

The panda is cute! :)

Sans! said...

Very cute stitching! I can't wait to see your panda room , Kat :). Good to know that my parcel has arrived too :);). Thanks for the heads up!