Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Tour Through the Incomplete Work Area

Pictures say it all, so I'm taking you on a virtual tour through the mini work area today. Things still need to be unpacked, sorted, and shuffled but at the moment it's usable for projects.

The desk faces the fireplace and television in the main part of the basement.
The larger dollhouse buildings on those handy counters serve as a movable wall to separate the two areas.Books and finished (mostly finished) minis.Three structures that need some work. I love putting mini scenes in old console TVs. The tall house is what will become my witchy department store. (More on that later.) The dresser along the back wall will eventually be home to several roomboxes. I need to get a shelf for the empty corner so I can move teddy bears of of it first. The drawers are filled with beads, buttons, leather, and other supplies. A handy closet for storing more supplies and unfinished roomboxes.
Maddie resting in the unfinished (read: needs major over-haul since I didn't build it) cafe'.It's really much safer for her in there while I'm sorting, etc.

That's all for today. More real life chores are calling my name and then I'm going for "coffee" (tea for me) with Holly.

Don't forget about the giveaway! There's a little over a day left.


Caseymini said...

Kat! You are one lucky girl! What a work area!Can't wait to see what you do in there.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

It must be such a great feeling reaquainting yourself with your stuff! And wot a lot of lovely stuff :o) I love the TV cabinet and look forward to seeing what you do with that. The huge pile of Teddies amused me as I used to have a pile like that too, I made a hammock to hang on the wall in the end and shoved them all in it as they kept getting sucked up into the vacuum cleaner LOL
Id love for my workroom to be just for me to do as I please in but it also doubles up as our guest room so I have to leave some space for them too :o(
my verification word for this post was 'unnests' .... how appropriate! :o)

Debbie said...

Ooooh Kat isn't it exciting unpacking all your treasures. Your Room already looks more organised then my van..xx

MiniKat said...

Casey I can't wait to actually be done unpacking so I can start doing things.

Wendie there are more teddies than the picture shows... ;-)

Debbie it only looks more organized because I haven't opened the boxes to sort yet.

julie campbell said...

this looks like a brilliant workspace Kat ! bet you cant wait top have everything unpacked and then you can get started again properly :0)
julie xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

wow you are really moving quickly. What a lovely big space you have...and you can watch TV at the same time. I really wish I could do that :-(

erm how many teddies do you have lol.

Debie Lyons said...

Wow that workspace is brilliant, you lucky thing. I see Maddie is making herself at home too.

Debie xxxxx