Friday, March 5, 2010

Moving Saga

As soon as we had the keys to the new house I started cleaning, painting specific rooms, and moving minis and other fragile things. Many of my friends helped in this endeavor. Holly's Suburban carried over all the dollhouses in two trips.

Friday, the day before we were to move, FH got a phone call form UHaul. Apparently the 26 foot moving van we ordered was not to be found anywhere in the metro area and would we, "please accept a 14 foot truck for 2 days with 120 free miles for $75 instead?" Since we had no other options, we said yes. This is what we got. Please notice the precipitation in the from of snow.
So Saturday morning FH went and picked up the "tries to be a moving truck" and we got to work. For the record, Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was out in full force and most of the snow had melted away at the old house. Several of our friends showed up to help us and we made short work of the packed boxes and the majority of the furniture. Then we went back for a second load. All but five large-ish furniture pieces fit in the truck that time and I had time to throw some more boxes together while people loaded furniture.

It was turning out to be a decent day. Boxes from the first load were neatly stacked in the new garage since we had to wait on furniture to arrive in the second load. The critters were all sequestered in the office at the old house. By the time the second truck load had been emptied it had gotten colder. A friend and I went back to get all the animals and their assorted accouterments.

I installed towel bars in the bathroom and hung the shower curtain so we could wash the grit and sweat off before crawling under clean sheets. The blinds that I bought that evening for out bedroom didn't fit because they were too deep. FH rigged curtains using old towels (which ended up staying there for about a week and a half) and we collapsed for the night.

Sunday morning proved to look cloudy and cold. FH and I saddled up and took the truck and our car to the old house and threw the last of the furniture in. He then drove the car back to the new house because the cable guy was coming to hook up our internet. I stayed behind and loaded everything from the garage and whatever else I could fit into the truck. Then I packed more of the errata that had been left behind. While I was working, the rain started. I dealt with the rain by backing the truck up as far as I could to the garage's opening. It worked great and everything stayed dry.

By the time FH was able to come back he said it was snowing at the new house... which is all of a twenty-five minute drive north-east of the old place. He took the loaded truck and headed home while I stayed and loaded the car. By the time I got within three miles of home the snow fall had turned into a full winter storm.

FH had most of the truck unloaded when I got there, so I cleared the passenger seat of the car and we headed out to drop off the truck before 5pm. FH said the truck fish-tailed in the snow, but I barely noticed. We got the truck dropped off and decided we were going out for dinner since we were already out in the mess and the kitchen was still packed.

Luckily while we sat in the warmth of our favorite Mexican restaurant most of the storm cleared and we made it home safely. This is what we woke up to Monday morning.That afternoon my mother drove up from Missouri to help me finish packing up the old house and cleaning it. Since we had the little truck for two days and I was able to empty out the garage on Sunday, we had more time to relax, go shopping, and work on the new house.

The snow is just now beginning to melt away and reveal the yard.

More pictures of changes later. For now I need to get back to work.


Caseymini said...

Welcome Home! Congrats on the successful move, Kat! Can't wait to see more photos!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a pretty smooth ordeal. I hate moving!

Tallulah Belle said...

Goodness what an ordeal that was with the weather...yuk.

You are putting me to shame all the work you have done already lol...I still can't decide on any paint indecisive me :-)

Good luck with the rest of the work...hope to see piccies soon !

Debbie said...

Wishing you every happiness in your new home Kat. Glad to see you back..x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

At least having to move all the stuff would've kept you a tiny bit warmer in that awful weather, but glad its all over and you can now start to settle in :o) good to see you back with us xx