Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bathroom Is Done

At least until I ever get around to gutting it and starting over. ;-)

Before: There were a total of 5 curtain rods and 4 towel bars in this bathroom. Each curtain and valance you see had it's own rod. Two of the towel bars were in the shower and were not the type that could handle getting wet. Those got removed and the screw holes were filled with caulk. Eventually I will see about popping the affected tiles out and replacing them with contrasting tiles. After: The only curtains in the room now are on a single rod. I used one of the new curved ones so the thin shower isn't as claustrophobic. The window is covered with a removable vinyl film that resembles etched glass. FH and I tested it out and the only way someone outside can see in is if they are right up against the window and then we could see them.

The paint was chosen because it went with all the pretty things I already had on hand for the room. I found the last roll of border that matched the set and used it across the lave. around to the shower stall. With the exception of the knobs and handles on the original cabinet, the hardware is all satin nickel.
There is no medicine cabinet in this room. We needed some kind of extra storage in here so a free-standing cabinet had to do.At some point I will get around to replacing the cabinet hardware. I'm also thinking about putting a frame around the mirror or replacing it with a slightly smaller one.

The space next to the window is lacking something, so I'm keeping an eye out for some type of artwork that can handle humidity. I don't think I will be putting the miniature bathroom in here because of the humidity and lack of exhaust fan. The lack of fan is grandfathered into the current code and passes because of the window. It will probably be put up in the basement bathroom since the shower in that room is not currently usable and wouldn't be used often.


Caseymini said...

Love the new colors in the bathroom. Great job, Kat! You are going right to town on the new house!Keep it up! Keep the photos coming!

Kathi said...

You've done a great job transforming your bathroom! Love the window film. It matches your shower curtain design perfectly!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Everything is looking so good. I just need to clean everything up around here and de-clutter so mine will look this good!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Sooooo glad to see the old frilly shower thing gone!! LOL you really are going great guns getting it all done. Wish I was closer so I could help,....drat that big pond! its good to be able to see the progress across the tinterweb tho :o)