Sunday, September 27, 2015

Full of Mercy

At least that's how the house seems these days.

Meet Mercedes!

She's half Great Pyrenees, half something else and just plain big. Happily her heart and sweetness are bigger than she is physically and she's a gentle giant. Oh and her ears do stay like that. ;-)

She's making herself right at home. The cats aren't pleased, but are slowly getting used to her. Victor is in no danger from her, except perhaps being stepped on. She's extremely gentle with him.

Her size is taking some time to get used to. She's taller and longer than Gus was, but slightly underweight at the moment. She came form our local no-kill shelter and when they first got her, she was nursing five puppies. I didn't see her the first time I went there because she was in a foster home and still nursing the pups. Since she's barely two years old, this was a case of a baby having babies.

But that's all over with now. She's been spayed and three of her five puppies have already been adopted too. Now she can actually have a bit of puppy-hood and enjoy life. The vet says she'll fill out to her proper weight now that she's not nursing. However she also told us that Mercedes might actually get taller too. Only time will tell!

I've gotten some more work done for the center panel.

The second plant's leaves are glue-basted in place and ready to stitch. The two snails and the beta fish are assembled and ready to stitch down. Once the leaves are stitched down, I can make the rock formation/castle thing and then get the snails in place. The pieces for the two clown loaches are ready to cut out and turn as well.

That's all for now. See you next Sunday!

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Michelle said...

Welcome, Mercy! Life as you know it just got WONDERFUL. :-)