Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I was distracted by a couple of different social things this weekend and just realized I'd forgotten to blog on Sunday. Whoops! However FH and I had a lovely weekend with friends, so there's that.

If things go well, we will have our new dog this Thursday. She's being treated for some inflammation that occurred after her spay surgery. Fingers are crossed that she can come home this week.

I've been busy on the Aquarium Quilt. Lots of time divided between hand sewing and machine details.

This is the layout for the center of the quilt. 

This is what it looks like currently.

The sucker fish and the plant stems are stitched in place. Everything else is glue-basted. Although I have started stitching the sign down. Once the leaves are stitched in place, I'll go ahead and start the other plant and the rock formation/hide-y hole going.

The Woodbridge, VA row is finished.

As is Pantego, TX.

Also Joplin, MO.

This row from Granbury, TX is glue-basted and waiting on me to stitch the appliques in place.

The Lawrence, KS row is fused down and waiting on stitching around the applique edges.

As is the Amarillo, TX row. I may have had a bit of whimsical fun wither their mermaid design...

Here's a close-up of my mermaid. Look familiar? ;-)

I started stitching the edges on all of the recent fused-applique rows last night. I'm grouping them by thread color. So any rows that need red thread get that stitched all at once, then I change to brown, yellow, etc. It's giving me a break from hand stitching the needle-turned appliques plus it needs doing.

There are three more rows that need piecing. One I just haven't wanted to deal with. It's paper-pieced but that's not the issue. I bought it as a kit and now am regretting it because I prefer to pre-wash my fabrics... and this kits has lots of small fabric pieces.

Another one I just got in the mail yesterday and I need to choose fabrics for it. It's fused applique, so I want to get it figured out fast. Once I'm done with all the edge stitching, I'm setting the machine up to start quilting rows again.

The last row is still in my aunt's possession. She's waiting on a back-ordered license plate to get to her before she mails the row.

But I have plenty of work to do here right now. And I should get back to it. See you on Sunday!

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your new family member!