Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Few More Rows

Nothing to report on the search for a new dog. We thought we'd found one, but she decided Victor was a plaything and not part of the pack. Happily he only got covered in spit... I don't think he even knew he was in danger.

As far as the quilt goes, I have some progress there.

Quilts from the Heart in Albuquerque, NM just needs stitched around the applique edges.

 As does this row from The Quilter's Dream in Colleyville, TX,

The row from Pantego, TX almost has all its appliques in place. Just need to get the rest of the way around the whale.

The decision on the Jefferson City row was figured out.

I've started piecing the row from Woodbridge, VA. I'll add the setting triangles when I'm more awake. Then there will be seaweed appliqued in between the fish blocks.

I'm also working on making the appliques for a needle-turned row and have traced out the appliques for two more fused rows. Then there's a paper-pieced row and the center panel. I'm still waiting on four more rows to come in the mail. They were last minute pick-ups by friends and family. But until those patterns arrive, I've got plenty to work on.

Time to find some tea and get back to work. See you next week!

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