Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fishies Everywhere!

So far no other disasters have befallen our household this past week. FH and I are going to visit with another perspective dog to become my new ESA. We've interviewed three so far and none of them have been a good fit. 

Victor is healing nicely from his enucleation surgery. His litter box habits have become non-existent though and he's not wanting to eat much. I've begun syringe feeding to keep his guts moving. Silly bunny.

But now for the fun part! Here are the completely finished rows:

Mt. Sterling, Kentucky (Sterling Thimble). My neighbor picked up this one for me on her way home from a long road trip. I needed it to be a square, so I had to fiddle with the background sections a bit.

Des Moines, Iowa (Woodside Quilting). A friend picked this one up for me while she was in Iowa on business. The design of this row lent itself nicely to becoming one of my square sections. The designer had a vision of minnows hiding amongst rocks in mind when she designed this one.

St. Louis, Missouri (Jackman's). My favorite fabric shop when I was learning how to sew all those years ago. Again I needed a square, but this time I only had to add a second flower applique to balance out the features a bit.

Lucas, Iowa  (Quilt with Us). That was a fun little road trip. I caught rain coming down in sheets and had to pull off he highway twice. I ran late enough that I missed a couple of shops, but all in all it was fun.

Now for a mostly finished row: Jefferson City, MO (Specialty Quilts). A friend from college works in Jeff City and helps get this row to me. I don't know if this row will be vertical or a square. It will depend on what rows arrive in the mail from friends and family over the next few days. But the blocks are pieced and ready to go!

And finally, these are the rows that need me to either hand sew appliques or machine-stitch around the edges of fused applique:

Crofton, Maryland (Tomorrow's Treasures). Another picked up by my neighbor.

And three of the rows my cousin in Texas picked up for me. Apparently she and her kids had quite the fun adventure visiting several quilt shops. I wish I'd been there with them.

Joshua, Texas (Sandy's Quilt Shop)

Lewisville, Texas (Quilt Country)

Pantego, Texas (Peggy's Quilt Studio)

I still have eight rows here that are waiting to be pieced and several more on the way. And I need to start putting the center block of the quilt together at some point. So much to do!

See you next weekend!

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