Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things and Stuff

I really couldn't think of a better title. My brain's been fried from working outside a lot this week. ;-)

FH's seedlings for the vegetable garden needing repotting, so I took care of that for him.

Any excuse to work with plants as opposed to doing heavy landscaping. Although there's been some of that going on too. The 'Bed from Hell' now has a cute little pathway through the front. It leads through the lilies I transplanted from the center to the area that will become a vegetable garden.

Today I finished removing all the decorative plants from the center section of that bed so FH and I can get it tilled. What follows are before and after shots of where I put the remaining lilies from that bed. This is one of the beds that sits on the garage-end of the house. There's one on either side of that neglected walkway.

I had to dig out some stumps and saplings, not to mention rake out all the leaves and get rid of the grass that encroached. The far section of this bed still needs some TLC. I'm hoping to get to it in the next week.

I was able to repurpose the edging from the bed across the walkway to keep the dirt where it belongs. That other bed it going to be removed and paved over with brick anyway. We'll be housing the yard waste cans there instead of in the garage when that project is finished.

We also have some tenants living above one of the carriage lamps on the garage! FH accidentally frightened the mother when he turned walking to the garage, but he saw little faces pop up after she flew away.

We actually saw the mother last night when we came home from the neighbors' house, but we didn't know her eggs had hatched.

Lastly I'm working on a small quilting project. There are more photos, but I think it is going to warrant it's own post. I will leave you with a teaser though!

Until next time!

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