Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bunny lost his "jellybeans"

When I mentioned to a friend that Victor was going in to be neutered, her response, "oh poor bunny loosing his jellybeans." After I stopped giggling like a fool, I tucked the expression away for later.

As the title and previous statements suggest, Victor has indeed joined the ranks of the de-sexed. This means he was my project all week.

Monday I dropped him at the vet for a checkup and surgery. He was doing so well that afternoon, they said I could come bring him home. Poor little mite was very sleepy.

Pixel stopped by to check on him.

He'd eaten quite a bit at the vet's office, but his appetite was off for a couple of days. Nothing so bad that I needed to syringe feed, but I kept an eye on him. The anesthesia 'hangover' lasted until Wednesday. Then he began eating everything in sight. He was also confined to quarters until Thursday since he is such an active fellow. This did not make him happy.

On Thursday I let him out after blocking off several places with baby gates. Guess who can take a running leap and clear a baby gate? If you answered Pixel or Artie, you'd only be half right. Victor demonstrated his new skill set to me just as I got comfortable on the couch. He was up the stairs in a flash and I just sat there, bemused. I'm just happy he didn't pop a stitch!

I caught him in one of his favorite places later that day. At first blush this doesn't seem like such a bad idea... he can see the outside from here and rest.

But when you take a good look at this photo, you can see the only way for him to get up there is leaping from an ottoman that sits next to the cat tree!

Silly bunny!

That's all for this week. Hopefully things calm down and I can have some projects worked on by next Sunday.

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