Sunday, January 18, 2015

Victor von Bunn

Victor came into our lives on Wednesday last week. He is a four month old Netherland Dwarf. The girl who gave him to me was being abused by her boyfriend and was leaving him, but couldn't take Victor with her. She was terrified to leave him behind because the man had already thrown him a couple of times into walls from across rooms. With Victor safe and sound, she was brave enough to take her little boy and leave.
As you can see, he and Gus have become fast friends. Gus absolutely adores Victor and will pace behind him whenever Victor is playing outside his cage.
Pixel and Artie are being pretty gentle with him too. Although I've been watching them pretty closely. Pixel was more afraid of Victor than he was of her.
He's a spunky little guy and somehow knows he won't be hurt here because he's already given FH and I loads of kisses every day since he's been here.
FH is insisting that Victor be given to a rescue that I contacted last week, as soon as he's old enough to be neutered. I'm hoping Victor will win FH over and can stay. We have a month or two to see how that shakes out. I'll be spending that time supervising his play times and attempting to potty train him. Unaltered bunnies are difficult to potty train. I lucked out with Tempie as she was a bit older and preferred things tidier.

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Michelle said...

Oh, I DO hope you can keep Victor! You have rescued him and two humans; may he bring you love and joy for years.