Sunday, January 11, 2015

Running Late

My desktop PC has found some malware somewhere and is enduring a thorough scan, etc. I thought we'd be finished with the process by now, but alas ''tis not to be. Happily I figured out how to get pictures from the camera onto my new tablet, so now we're in business!

It's currently grey and snowy here. The sun's almost down so it's really not fun to be outside at tne moment. However this is really a heat wave considering the wind chills we experienced during the week. For the most part the critters and I didn't do much but cuddle under blankets. I did come out for air long enough to check the mail and this was waiting for me. Now I can start looking up all the furniture I received from Aunt Pat!

I also wrapped most of the furniture up in acid-free paper and got it stashed in the archival box I purchased. The box is big enough to hold a queen-sized quilt and came with about two dozen sheets of the acid-free tissue. There are still a few pieces that still need more work before they're stored though.

These three need minor repairs. Thanks to Casey, I'll be using E600 to get the job done.

With the exception of the pink dresser which is just really dirty on the back, these pieces all have an odd white residue that smells of acetone on them. I haven't had much luck with soaking or scrubbing it off. I'm not quite sure what to try next, but I'm doing some research into the matter.

Yesterday was fun though. I had my teenaged niece here and we started working on her quilt. She picked the pattern and all the fabrics. We got everything pressed and cut, but only had time to get the centers of the blocks done before she had to go home. But we had fun!

That's all for now. I'm off to find someplace warm to curl up. See you next week!

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