Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hopping Along to Class

Well the hopping is more Victor's department. He's settling in nicely and the other animals are getting used to him. Artie is very comfortable around him and pretty much ignores Victor.
Pixel on the other had likely to sit on the pet stairs to Victor's house and not let him in/out. She also likes to eat his food.  That doesn't stop Victor from exploring for long. He's quite the ATB, all-terrain bunny.

Gus has been acting strangely and after taking him to the vet, we're trying to rule out kidney failure and the possibility of diabetes insipidus, aka "water diabetes." We'll know more once his blood tests come back this coming week.

FH and I joined a local "makerspace" last year and have access to more types of tools and technology these days. The group is a non-profit and focuses on teaching uses for technology and building a community workspace filled with tools that the average person might not have access to otherwise... like 3D printers, computer controlled routers, laser cutters, large saws, and specialty electronics.

The "class" bit refers to me taking a CAD/CAM class through the makerspace so I can learn to draft drawings to be used for laser cutters, computer-controlled routers, and 3D printers. I've got some furniture designs drafted on paper that I'm going to transfer to the computer this week. In a few weeks, we should have an operational laser and I can finally cut the pieces for all the shelves I need for fabric bolts in the Patchwork Peach! I'm very excited about it.

The other neat thing about the makerspace is getting to meet and work with other people who know all sorts of different things. One of the guys works with plexiglass often and has said he'll show me how to make display cases for my minis. Another gent is an electrician and is going to help me remember the basics of wiring from my electronics class in high school so I can make some tiny LED lamps!

There's another particular man who understands and uses technology, but has an artist's soul. He does "light painting"... changes the exposure times on his digital camera and uses LEDs to create stunning effects in his pictures. He asked me a while back to bring in one of my scenes for him to "paint."

I chose the Vermeer Vignette my Aunt Pat made. These are pictures I took a while back.

Now look at the work Jay did with his camera and an LED pen.
It took the better part of an hour to get the light just right for the candle flame, but wow! I'm going to see if we can "light" the fireplace at some point. I think Aunt Pat would love to see it.

That's all for this weekend. I'm going to go see about drafting up some shelves. Ttfn!

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