Monday, January 9, 2012

More Musical Roses

Here is where I left off in 2011. 

This is what I managed to get done during the football games and into the night New Year's Day (and early morning hours of Monday).
You can really start to see the piano taking shape.  More of the monotonous yellow wall is filled in as well.  What I'm doing there is counting over until I know where an object is supposed to start, parking the yellow thread, and working said object.  Then I know where I can just fill in around everything.

At this point I can start filling in with yellow between the right side of the piano and the rose on the right.  There will be another few notes on the right side before I can fill it in all the way.  I'm almost to the neck of the string bass and the keyboard on the piano.  That lone cluster of yellow at the bottom of the picture is a piece of wall between the bass and a piano leg, so I'm about halfway to the center of the design.

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