Friday, August 12, 2011

Very Late Pictures of New Minis

Soon after Castor passed away, but right before all the insanity with my parents begun, I received a package from N.W.  If you recall N.W. is the wonderful lady who made and sent four waves of minis for the Panda Nursery.  I still wish she'd do a blog so you all could see more of her work.  It's absolutely breath-taking.

Look at the tops of the soda cans!  You can see the pop tops!
And the spaghetti:
And look inside the box of microwave popcorn!
As always N.W. has an incredible eye for detail.

I'm thrilled to have these fun minis for the big dollhouse's kitchen.  Now to get through a few projects so I can get back to it.


Miss Kitty said...

Holy crap. Those are AMAZING. How'd she do it? They're so tiny!

Kathi said...

Fantastic! Tell N.W. to start a blog!!!!

Lady Jane said...

Just incredible....