Friday, August 26, 2011

In Memoriam

Today I need to take a moment to say good-bye to a friend.  A fine needlewoman, artist, dressmaker, and photographer.  I will miss our random lunches and learning new things from you.  Most of all I will miss your intelligence and dry sense of humor.  It was an honor to know you.  Requiescat in Pace.

In accordance with a promise I made while she was still alive, I am refraining for ever putting her name on the internet.  Thanks for understanding.


Miss Kitty said...

Ohh, MiniKat, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. May she rest in sorry for your loss.


Debie Lyons said...

Sorry to hear about your loss and my thoughts are with her family.

Love and Light

Debie xxxxx

Sans! said...

I feel for you Kat. :( Hugs.

Kim said...

what a wonderful memorial to write for you friend- I'm so sorry for your loss Kat ♥