Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Benedict Arnold Buttonhole Function

So apparently the buttonhole function on my sewing machine decided to ingest mind altering substances.  Or something.  Happily I figured this out on a test piece of fabric as opposed to my project.  Currently my machine in in the custody of the local repair place for a general overhaul and some diagnostics.

Because the brocade project should've been completed by now, I figure I should go ahead and show where it is for the moment.  I think that I should mention that we're going to a Steampunk-themed wedding in October.  This will explain many of the next sewing projects...and pique the interest of certain big and mini people.

So without further ado:

A new waistcoat for FH!  The lining and one more card of buttons are absent in this picture.
 Love, love, love the way this fabric shimmers in the light.
 It's always interesting to watch waistcoats and vests beings turned right side out after sewing.
Showing off the functional welt pockets.
 The pins are marking where the buttonholes will eventually be.

Oh and that gold thing around the hanger...
 A gentleman cannot be properly dressed without his cravat.
 Crawliest fabric I've worked with to date.  Ugh.  But the effect is gorgeous.
Next up (once the machine is back) is his linen shirt and then my clothes.  If I have time when my things are done I'll make his frock coat. 

I've also got plans for a simple linen dress to wear with the green jacket to my niece's wedding and six friends are having babies between now and February.  Expect nothing but things for the weddings and the babies for a few weeks. ;-)

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Kim said...

wow- I hope you show the completed steampunk inspired outfit- I am really loving it so far! I hope your "druggie" sewing machine is fixed soon-lol!!!