Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wow I Can Sign In Again!

Alright so apparently I can log back into the blog.  This is good.

I've been wanting to get on here and say I haven't done a single bit of stitching or worked on any minis since I mailed Kim her package of goodies.

Castor is slowing down more rapidly than before.  His mobility has decreased quite a bit.  He still eats, drinks, uses his box, and asks to go out into the sunshine though.  And it seems he's quite taken with Artan.
The vet decided at this point it won't hurt Castor to be around him even though we can't test Artie for FIV and leukemia yet.  In fact it seems to be helping, so he gets unrestricted access.

As for the rest of my time... 

Artie is now quite mobile whenever he's not asleep.  We have cordoned off rooms of the house, both upstairs and down, so he can have safe areas to run around in.  Keeping him out of trouble has just become a full-time job!
Pollux is lamenting Artan's recent discovery of pouncing.  FH laughing at him doesn't help matters.

Speaking of FH his grades were finally posted.  He passed with A's in both classes, which means he officially has his master's degree in computer science.  Life is more normal than it was before, even with Artie's addition to the household.

I'm going to try and get more mini time in as Artie gets weaned, but I may not have time for blogging.  So here's hoping whenever I get back I'll have more pictures from both the Panda Nursery and (hopefully) Rose Cuttings!


Michelle said...

Such a sweet picture of Castor licking Artan! Looks like you've learned why Artan was sent -- he's Castor's ministering angel. :-)

Anna said...

Aw I love Castor. And your new little kitty is adorable. =)

Caseymini said...

Congrats to FH!!! You must be so proud! Love the interaction between the old and new cats!

julie campbell said...

Love the photos kat, artie is a sweetheart , looks like castor likes him a lot :0) well done to your hubs too !
julie xx

Wendie-kins said...

Awww Artan is just so tiny :D and enough of a 'mini' to keep anyone distracted from everything else! You're doing a great job looking raising him and he looks full of character. Please pass on my Congrats to your clever hubbs for passing with such great grades x

Katie said...

I totally understand how these kinds of babies suck up your time! But it is so worth it, they don't stay little for long:) Castor seems to be enjoying his company.... Still think you're fostering him?? He's sooo cute Kat!
Tell FH Great Job!! I;m sure he's put a Lot of work in to get this far:) Woo-Who!!


Kathi said...

How cute! Big cat little cat!
I can finally sign in too. SO happy about that. Can't wait to see how the panda nursery is coming along. :D