Thursday, May 5, 2011

Of Pandas and Stitching

Allusions to Steinbeck aside, I have fun news!

First the mural paper for the Panda Nursery arrived and it looks fabulous!
 I have two sheet and plan on starting at each front corner and wrapping them around to the back.  If for whatever reason the ends do not meet all the way in the back I will hide that fact with a strip of white wood.

The question now is: do I spray the paper like I usually do to protect it from the elements and if so, what should I use?  I don't want to detract from the nice glossy sheen, but I don't want the paper to get easily damaged either.  The stuff I normally use on my regular wallpaper would dull the image too much.  What do you all think?

I also ordered this little book from the same shop.  It had been so long that I'd forgotten about it. 
 On the stitching front, I borrowed "Achoo!" and "Flowerpot Kitty" back from our vets to put them in the Guild's Judged Show last Saturday.  "Achoo!" took the blue ribbon in the commercial counted cross stitch category and one of the three Judge's Choice ribbons!
"Flowerpot Kitty" scored fairly well too, but not high enough to tie with the red ribbon winner.  All in all I'm happy about the whole state of affairs.  I just wish I could've gotten "Rose Cuttings" done in time. 

I'm off to do some mini stitching for Kim, the Panda Nursery, and then work on "Rose Cuttings" tonight.  It's going to feel so good having a needle and floss in my hands again.


Caseymini said...

Kat! Congrats on the win. When I went to look at the guild site, I saw that both pieces were there. At the time, I thought that Achoo was the best one in that category...I was right! I love being right!LOL

Long ago, I was taught to spray paper with Patricia Nimock's Spray sealer. I use the matte version, but I think that it comes in gloss also. They carry it at Michael's.
Our Michael's keeps it locked in a caged area. You may have to ask for it if you decide to use it.

Kim said...

Kat-congratulations on your ribbons! You do such wonderful stitching work- well deserved! The mural is beautiful- I can't wait to see how it looks applied to the room box. I'm off to do more catching up :)