Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On to Happier Things

FH suggested I make Castor a new sweater, so I checked my notes on the blue one and made a few modifications.  Again the original design is by DIY Maven.

The last two rounds at the next are done in kitchen cotton while the rest of the body is worked in LB Homespun.  I used kitchen cotton to embroider the numbers on the back.

The yellow cotton at the collar helps snug in the neck enough that it doesn't flop as easily as the blue one.  He's been gaining some weight back, so I made the belly a little loose so it won't get too tight.

I could have used cotton for the whole thing but I didn't think he'd stay as warm so I went out and bought some green Homespun.

Pollux is in for a shock though.  I think he needs a matching one before the game this Sunday night. ;-)


Kim said...

Castor looks so darn cute in that sweater!!

Anna said...

how adorable! how is castor doing?