Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Auction is Over

And what a day it was!

My humble contributions of stitched pumpkins and crochet top towels brought in roughly $70 for the guild.  That made all the effort worth it to me.  I'll be setting things aside for next year's auction ahead of time.

I did manage to win the piece I wanted.  I spent the better part of several months with the guild's quilting group putting together a queen-sized quilt for the auction.  Much of that time was spent keeping Confetti from sleeping on the blocks.  In fact on the day she died we were in the sewing room and I was working on the bottom row of blocks.  She had been helping me do this of course.

So many happy memories were tied up in this piece, even though it's not quite my style.  But I bid on it and won it.  Now it's mine to treasure and be reminded of happy things.  It's going to live in the sewing room on the bed where I will always think of my sweet kitten.


Michelle said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you won the quilt; what a special memento of Confetti it is!

Kim said...

this brings tears to my eyes Kat- what a special memoir- I'm also so happy you won the quilt ♥ Congrats on a successful auction :)