Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Nothing much to report here.  I've caught a cold that seems bent on making me miserable and is threatening to take away my voice.  It's also slowed me down for the annual hall decking, but I'm hoping to get some of that underway this week.

The stitchers' guild has asked me to build them a website, so I've been beating HTML into place for a couple of days.  I'm at a stopping point now, at least until I get more information from the board. 

Here's hoping I can get some stitching done soon.  I've actually done some minis, but I can't show them until after the coming weekend.  They're gifts for my friends down south and I'm heading that way (weather permitting) on Saturday for the holiday luncheon.

That's all for now.  I'm off to find more herbal tea with honey and perhaps some chocolate.


Lady Jane said...

Hope you get better quickly. I went thru your blog and it is very interesting. I too have many hobbies and it fun to share. I do minis also. I became a follower and will be back soon to see what you're up to. Mini blessings, Lady Jane

Caseymini said...

Get well soon, my friend. It has been very quiet around here without you. Rest, relax and get better!

Sans! said...

Get well soon!

Ooops, I may have just caught your cold ..:p

Debbie said...

Hope you feel better very soon. I've got up this morning and my voice has gone. Mick's over the moon..LOL xxx

Lady Jane said...

I found you again, YAY... I couldnt link to your blog thru your picture or your name. Thank goodness for the reading list! I will mark your site as it is very interesting.