Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Saturday FH and I went to a surprise party for a friend and then saw "Despicable Me". Afterward we stayed up for hours watching things on PBS; he read and I stitched. This is as far as I got.
We went to bed around 3 in the morning and then around five Castor decided to try and walk across my face.
FH took me to the hospital since it was the only place open where we could get antibiotics for me. Cat feet are not clean things.... The nurse in the ER called animal control on Castor which has really irritated me as this was not an attack of any kind. This was an old cat trying to walk somewhere and slipping.

Now I have to deal with some moron at animal control in the morning and explain the difference between a bite and a scratch.


Marlene said...

do gooders make me sick, hope you heal soon and they relise all is well and go away...
Regards marlene

Kathi said...

Oh dear, your scratch looks painful! My cat has done the same thing to me, just not on my face. Hope you heal quickly and the animal control people realize that your kitty was just a bit clumsy!

Kim said...

I would be so upset if animal control was called on one of my kitties when it wasn't really something he did intentionally! It does look very painful- hope you heal fast and hope animal control is easy to deal with ♥

Caseymini said...

Hopefully, you will get an understanding person from animal control. Ouch! Get well soon, Kat!

MiniKat said...

We didn't. They want him quarantined (at home) for 10 days and then a trip to the vet's office for "an evaluation."

He's already quarantined at home and already going to the vet for evaluations.

And this is only if they can verify that he's had his shots. Otherwise they will take him away.

Katie said...

Oh...Animal Control! I went through a cat bite not too long ago, by a stray cat. I had made him mad because I decided it would be a good idea to look at his feet! Well, he bit me, I Had to go to the doctors, because it got infected...and animal control was called. I went through the same thing. They wanted me to get rabies shots, they wanted me to find this cat so they could quartine him....I polilty told them No....and evenually they went away. Luckily you are a good Mommy, and I'm sure you have all his stuff up to date, so he'll be fine! It's just fustrating, isn't it! Poor kitty....he was just trying to get snuggly, huh?! Hope it all works out for you!!!

Oh...and love this new little kitten your working on! You work so fast!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Ouch that looks sore :-(

But oh my goodness what a fuss from animal control over an accident. I can't beleive it.

Mick got bit stroking one of the strays in our old garden - his fault entirely. He had to go to the docs simply because of the rabies factor and the fact that he has no immune system at all. Animal control got involved then fair enough but for a accidental scratch...well I've never heard anything like it.

Sorry Kat :-(

Minnie Kitchen said...

oh no! hope it heals fast!